pagurus (pagurus) wrote,

things that are not necessarily where they should be

this morning i realised i had lost my eftpos card (great week so far,
did i mention?)
fortunately, i called the gamesman, and they have it, so that is all
good, and I don't have to live without an eftpos card for more than

and why was it at the gamesman? because i have a new game, and it
makes me GLEEFUL. it also makes me undeniably a total geek. its not
only a mmorpg, its the mmorpg that is d&d
. luckily for you, i defy this by continuing to believe in
daily ablutions and attire that is shiny.

this morning, we find the cleaners have left my mp3 player here, with
a note claiming that it was "in one of the rubbish bins". quite how
it managed to unplug itself from the wall and move itself 3 metres to
the nearest rubbish bin is beyond me, but golly, those things are
getting smarter every day, ya know?

and i have found a way i can answer the latest consumating question of
the week despite not being experienced in the creation of mix tapes
and not having the requisite secret crush to make one for. that makes
me happy because i am a geek.

so all in all, a day that looked to be crap has turned out super so far.

am i the only one who has people taking lots of leave "but only if its fine"?
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